Sunday, December 9, 2018

Join the HUDDY WORLD Facebook Group

Now fans and viewers of D-Hud's music and Owt Of Order Entertainment movement can socialize with each other, express themselves and post their own works of art in the new HUDDY WORLD Facebook group!  Although the group is named after D-Hud's viral hit single, the group is meant for networking, socializing with other music fans and fans of D-Hud and just great times!  Join the group and the movement at the official link below!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

D-HUD gives fans a SNEAK PEEK on his upcoming MUSIC VIDEO

D-Hud gives his fans and viewers a sneak peek preview of his upcoming video to his single "Huddy World" (G. World)!  Watch the clip at the direct link below 

Keep checking back for more updates!  

Friday, November 23, 2018

Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady cosigns D-HUD and his NEW RECORD

Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady (one of the hosts of Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio) is loving rapper D-Hud's music and his new single "Huddy World" (G. World), this is what Barbara had to say about the rising young star...….

"D-HUD is talent personified!! He is the "premier artist" of this generation!! A true credit to the rap profession!! Check him out!! Cuntry approves this message!! Testify - Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady

True Indeed.  Listen to the new single from D-Hud "Huddy World" here at the direct speaker link below.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

RED FIELDS of FFM ENTERPISE recalls working with D-HUD

D-Hud has been BLOWING UP lately, especially with his new single "Huddy World"!  Prominent businesswoman Red Fields speaks about her experience meeting D-Hud and working with him.

I had the pleasure of meeting D-Hud, while working with an online radio station back in 2016. D-Hud was referred to me by Malk Naz, the two currently had a single in rotation on the station. Since I have had the pleasure of meeting his wife & dogs, visited their home, helping him with marketing his music career and more. I am  very grateful that D-Hud trusts FFM ENTERPRISE enough, to be apart of our FFM MUSIC PRODUCTION TEAM. We look forward to many great things, from and with Mr. D-Hud OWT OF ORDER ENTERTAINMENT! Blessings Fam!! - Red Fields
Indeed Indeed

Listen to the new single from D-Hud titled "Huddy World / G-World" on SPREAKER

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

D-Hud and his wife DeVonna Hudson will appear on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio tonight!

D-Hud and his wife Mrs. DeVonna Hudson will both appear as guests on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio for the "Black Love" edition tonight Nov. 13th at 9:00 PM Eastern at

Call the number on the flier to stream from your phone live!

The main topics will be centered around improving your relationships and marriage and Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio will also ask the audience for their opinions as well.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

NEW SINGLE: "G. World" (Huddy World)

D-Hud is BACK with a BRAND NEW SINGLE for the final months of 2018!  "G. World" (Huddy World) and D-Hud doesn't hold back as he shows the listeners what he's really all about!